Gods Mercy Home 

For Orphans 

We bring hope to the Orphans of Africa.

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Vulnerable Children

We exist for the orphans and street children


We layout our hands to the hopeless widows

The Elderly

Our services are also extended to the aging that are forgotten by the society

Our mission is to provide food, shelter, medical care, children’s Bibles, educational assistance, adoption advocacy and more in a manner that breaks the cycle of dependence and promotes individual and societal productivity as well as charitable character with the community


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Everyone Counts

There are millions of children in Africa without the care of a family. They are alone, invisible and unheard. They are being physically, mentally and emotionally damaged. Gods Mercy is advocating for these children around the world and wants you to join the effort.

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Who We Are

We have a holistic approach to propagating the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, we share Jesus, as demonstrated in His Living Word, practically, in a number of ways. Gods Mercy Home  is serving the least advantaged individuals and communities of Uganda through supporting community development, education, evangelistic outreaches, discipleship, Our Vision is Healthy Churches for Healthy Communities. We believe the local church is key in reaching the community with practical expressions of the love of God.

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Buy a water tank for the orphans

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Build A Home For The Orphans
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Educate The Vulnerable Children
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About The Founding Team

James Junior Lubega

 My name is James Junior Lubega the founder Gods Mercy Home Care , my father divorced

My dear mother when I was still very young (only 4 years old).  Having been born in a family of 3 children with 2 girls and 1 boy and I being the second born, my mother hustled to provide us the basic needs of life. I never got a chance to finish my education, I only studied to Primary 3.

All-day long me, my mother and my sisters, we used to work hard selling maize and cassava on the road to provide for our basic needs and school fees. It was not easy because all we got was just a little penny for us to eat and stay. It was easy to make it to any desired goals in that kind of poor background. And in my mind and heart I felt I had to do something to help the helpless just like me. I wanted to help orphaned children when I grew up. 

EDDY Edrine Walusimbi 

My name is Eddy Edrine Walusimbi the Chairman of Gods Mercy Home Care  I lost my mum and daddy when I was still very young; I actually never saw any of them apart from seeing them in photos. 

Both of them died in a car accident when I was still 9 months old on their way from the city when they had left me behind with my auntie. I was quite unfortunate. When they died I was left with my grandmother who struggled to take care of 

In my time of growing up, my grandmother was not able to take me to school. I only went to school as far as Primary 1. When I grew up to 9 years old, I started getting into manual work such as fetching water and firewood as a way of supporting my dear grand.

She was getting helpless. The most challenging thing came in when she also lost her life. She left me alone in life and no one was ready to hold my hand  It was a new struggle all alone.