Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

Educate The vulnerable Children

These children also deserve a bright future despite the fact that they are vulnerable. It is our responsibility all to help them have a bright future. Gods Mercy takes part in helping the most humble children go to school.

Join us to build a school to educate humble children by building a school for them.

Amount Needed: $5000

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 Build A Home For The Orphans

We find them homeless and left alone to find a living in this difficult life and give them home but our challenge is that we are still renting too. Many children under our care come from very poor families; some of them are orphans and others left their homes due to family neglect and violence. God’s Mercy ministries gives them hope for the future by providing them with Medicare, food, clothes, education plus other basic needs of life.

Amount Needed: $10000

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Set Up A Clean Water System For The Home

The little children travel long distances looking for clean water. Children find it hard to get clean water as most of the water sources contain very muddy water which is not good for their health. Sometimes these innocent children encounter a problem of water shortage consequent upon they fetch water from seasonal sources like man-made wells.

So we as Gods Mercy saw this as a major challenge and we are trying to help them by establishing a steady and permanent water supply closer to their homesteads.

Amount Needed: $3000

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Caring For The Eldery

Uganda is one of the very few countries you would never desire to grow old from. In our country, the aging are ignored, they are not cared for and their rights are taken for granted. Gods Mercy came in to help them have the basic necessities of life as human beings

Amount Needed: $1000

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Providing the widows with startup capital

We are a community-based non-governmental organization that promotes children’s rights, widows’ rights, youths empowerment as we provide relief to these different groups of people .  Our goal is to improve the lives of children, provide skills and jobs to youths, provide widows with start-up capital, and also fight for the rights of the elderly.

Amount Needed: $10000

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Resurrect The Hope Of The Youths During This Pandemic

In our time, like never before the youths have never lost hope like they have done today. It is covid-19 time and many of them have lost their jobs which were their sources of earning. Since last year, many completely lost their jobs and those who still have jobs are only left to survive. 

It is a calling for us all to join hands with these less privileged people to help them have a future. 

Gods Mercy has set up a campaign to help the less privileged through their different group. Our desire is to give them start up capital to resurrect their hope through Covid-19

Amount Needed: $10000

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